SwiftKey for Android Gets Real-Time Two-Way Translation, Skype to Push New Version to Desktop...

Microsoft has merged Translator into SwiftKey for Android allowing real-time translation in conversations.

How a 35-Year-Old Created the World’s Most Valuable Startup

By nurturing a raft of successful apps, Bytedance has gathered a force of hundreds of millions of users and now poses a threat to China's largest internet operators.

Snapchat Collections Is a New Feature to Make Shopping Within the App Easier

The Snapchat Collections ads will appear between users' Stories and in the app's Discover section.

WhatsApp Status Ads for iOS App Already in the Works: Report

While this might sound like a wild rumour, the fact that WhatsApp officials have previously talked about ads coming to the app in 2019.

Uber Riders Can Now Pay for Their Rides Via Google Pay

The latest Google Pay integration within the Uber app is initially limited to Android devices.